Disk Usage 100%

  • Hello,

    I'm the tech guy at a small school running pfSense. for proxy and filtering.

    My disk usage is 100% and locking up.
    I've restarted SquidProxy and SquidGuard.

    I have 1.6 Terabytes, any idea of how to clean it up and then stop filling it up?


  • If your squid cache is filling the disk then you will need to delete it.  I have a 40GB disk, and pfSense has used about 4% of it.  My squid cache is set to 100 MB.  You have 1.7 TB that's almost full??  How big is your cache?  Are you doing some crazy logging or something?

  • I'm not sure what's filling it up. I've had the system running for about 9 months with no problems. I think the size of my disk was masking the problem filling up a 1% or so every few days.  If you or anyone else knows what I can check and how to check it would be greatly appreciated.

    I am a novice with pfSense and this forum has been very helpful.

  • Shell in to your pfSense box and run:

    du -sh *

    That will tell you which directories are consuming all your space.  You can then drill down and find the real problem dir.  Your squid cache is specifically at /var/squid/cache, fyi.

  • OK, I did the du -sh * and I got three hits, a backup file with 147M and two sarg files with 4.0K

    I must have done something wrong

  • Could Sarg be the culprit?

  • Were you in the root folder when you ran the command?  Here is my output, for example:

    [2.2.4-RELEASE][admin@pfsense.kominc.local]/: du -sh *
    8.0K    COPYRIGHT
    1.0M    bin
    19M    boot
      0B    boot.config
    5.1M    cf
    15M    client-export
      0B    conf
    12K    conf.default
    3.0K    dev
    8.9M    etc
    56K    home
    14M    kernels
    9.0M    lib
    304K    libexec
    4.0K    media
    4.0K    mnt
    4.0K    proc
    4.0K    rescue
    192K    root
    3.7M    sbin
    4.0K    scripts
    4.0K    tank
    139M    tmp
    633M    usr
    351M    var

    The largest folder for me is the /usr folder, at 633 MB.

    Could Sarg be the culprit?

    Sarg creates reports, and those reports aren't deleted unless you configure Sarg to do that, so maybe.  The first thing is to find out where all your space went.

  • Banned

    Perhaps, also post the df -h output to see what's actually full here. Kinda doubt Squid shite filled 2TB drive without anyone noticing.

  • Thanks for the help everyone. I think it was Sarg, but in my messing around I crashed everything and re-built. Your help led me in the right direction.

    I hope I can return the favor to someone else someday.

  • You guys helped me out.  DHCP went out on me and my disk was full.  I got a 5:45AM call from my coffee shop client that some devices weren't working on the network.
    I had installed, but hadn't yet configured Sarg and Squid, and apparently Sarg was filling my 2GB internal memory (hadn't set up NAS for logging yet).  The unit had been installed for less than a month.  I uninstalled the packages for now until I am ready to set up a logging drive.

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