How do I determine which gateway an openvn connection is using?

  • I'm searched but can't find an answer.

    How can I determine which gateway (pfsense in multi-WAN config) a LAN-LAN openvpn is using?

    We have an unlimited 1Gbs fibre and bonded ADSL WANs. Openvpn fails over to the ADSL by the simple mechanism of having two entries in the .conf file on the client (non-pfsense) end.

    That's great except we get charged for bandwidth on the ADSL so I'd really like to a) see and b) get warned, ideally by email, about clients using the ADSL connections.

    Any ideas? or is there a better way of failover/failback that I've not found out about?

  • If you have a failover , and ovpn is runing on that then server run on the tier 1. Tier 1 drops , ovpn runs on tier2.  When tier 1 came up , ovpn changes

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