Another Squid + MultiWan Thread :D

  • Hi all,

    So I finally got Squid, WPAD and Squidguard working on  v2.2.4 using these 2 sites:

    It works like an absolute bomb, I am able to block both http and https without pesky transparent proxies and man-in-the-middle headaches :D

    From what I have read there is no effective way to have Squid work with failover gateways. I've looked everywhere and read tons of posts. I don't really care so much for automatic failover as we have guys on site full time (usually I just change the default gateway manually when our main WAN connection drops). I do however occasionally push some clients through a separate gateway when demand get high by using firewall rules. It seems that Squid still pushes the traffic through the default gateway( as is expected  from what I have read all over the place). Is there any way to remedy this seeing as it is only for a few clients?

    I've read some guys use virtual pfsense's for Proxy and each WAN connection and then do failover on the main box. I have no idea how one gets accurate proxy data from this (presumably all traffic will be shown as originating from 1 IP, etc) and it just seems like a very convoluted setup.  Could anybody possibly assist?

    Thanks for any advice.

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