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  • I just enabled CP, and rebooted the pfsense. CP is on OPT4 with DHCP Relay enabled, with an ip The Gateway and DNS both point to The problem I am having is when a user connects on that network they just sit there. If I manually enter it allows them acces to the CP login page. Why is the firewall not redirecting them? I run pfsense V1.2 RELEASE

    Any help would be awesome!


  • Do you have a firewall rule allowing traffic on OPT4?

    If not then just copy the LAN rule and change stuff from lan subnet etc to opt4 subnet etc…

    Btw, I noticed you said youre relaying dhcp requests? is the dhcp server on another box on your lan? if the dhcp server is pfsense box, then there is no need to relay, just set dhcp server on opt4.


  • Hi and thanks for the response.
    I currently host my dhcp on another box. I am setting this up to currently allow only port 80 and 443 trafic through.
    I would like to restrict what users can use this guest network for. I am thinking of opening port 25 to a mail server (as a relay) on my dmz but havent gotten that far….

    Should I need to open any other ports?
    Could I add something to redirect clients to that page?

    IE: open a port to my webserver on a virtual ip, then just have a php redirect script run to

  • This must be a rule issue. When I allow Any from Opt4 to any its works fine and redirects.

    Current rules I have or would like are:
    TCP OPT4 HTTP to ! Lan any

    What rule do i need to have for CP to redirect? Anyone happen to know?


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