Sarg Error: Could not find report index file.

  • Guys, i am a newbie in Pfsense. can someone please help me with my problem with sarg. whenever i am viewing the report this error shows;
    "Error: Could not find report index file.
    Check and save Sarg settings and try to force Sarg schedule."

    i followed all the rules and guidelines in seting up sarg. what seems to be my problem?

    i have also tried this suggestions from " " but it doesn't work also.

    please be kind to me guys, any suggestions please be specific as to what steps should i do, because i am not really really familiar with all the technical name etc.

    i am only running pfsense for 2 weeks now and it really improves our internet connection. but still some users can't stop downloading movies and other stuff that is why i want to install sarg
    in the first place.

    please help me guys. Thank you in advance :)

  • Sarg doesn't give you a whole lot more than what you can already get with Lightsquid.  They both just report on squid usage.

    To fix Sarg, try this:

    Login via SSH or console and run:

    rm -r /usr/local/sarg-reports
    ln -s /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/local/sarg-reports /usr/local/sarg-reports
    ls -l /usr/local/sarg-reports

    Then try to force a report and view it.  If using the 32-bit build, replace -amd64 above with -i386.

  • Banned


    rm -r /usr/local/sarg-reports
    ln -s /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/local/sarg-reports /usr/local/sarg-reports
    ls -l /usr/local/sarg-reports

    So what are you actually fixing there? Why not create the symlink the other way round so that there's no need to wipe the reports and so that reports are not gone when reinstalling the package?

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