Dns resolver takes too long to start

  • im on the latest 2.2.5 dev on alix nanobsd and noticed now dns resolver takes too long to start on boot, i checked for errors but there r none so what has changed that causes this?

  • Define "too long", how long is it?

    Nothing's changed in our code base. Unbound is 1 minor revision newer and has a few changes but doesn't seem like anything really significant. Change list:

  • for me it takes around 1-2mins to go past it where as in earlier version  of pfsense it used to take like 5-10seconds at most

  • Moved this over to the 2.2.5 board in case anyone else sees same. Haven't seen it myself, and don't see any relevant changes outside Unbound being 1 minor revision newer.

  • what i believe to be the cause is i have an alias with 4 domains in it, now when dns resolver starts at boot, i think its trying to resolve that even before the firewall table entries r there or so

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