VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) and OpenVPN Problems

  • The issue I'm having is I can't pass phone calls from my Samsung Note Edge while connected to my OpenVPN connection when I have Verizon's Advanced Calling feature turned on.  It will dial our and ring the recipient's phone but will not pass voice and drop the call after a few seconds after answering.  When called, my phone will ring but disconnect when answered.  When not connected through the VPN the phone works as it should.  The strange thing is I always had my phone's data and WiFi connection routing all traffic through the VPN tunnel and it works great and no issues what so ever.  So, this leads me to believe there is a setting I need to turn on in pfSense to properly pass VoIP traffic.  I have been researching VoIP through pfSense but can't find anything pertaining to VoLTE and don't know how or what settings to configure.  I know I can turn off routing all traffic through the VPN tunnel but that is not something I am willing to do as it defeats the purpose of using a VPN for my needs.  Any help or pointers to get this working is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

  • I'm not sure that this is a pfSense problem, but probably more of a general VPN VoLTE problem. I have my VPN configured to not route all traffic through the VPN, it only sends the traffic on my work network through the VPN. Public internet still goes out on the regular public gateway.

    I've got AT&T and called them today to try to troubleshoot the issue. The lady was surprising knowledgeable and actually reached out to their Tier 3 when she was on the phone with me. He did a call trace and said it looked like a device issue not a network issue so they referred me to Samsung. They offered to conference the call with them, but I had to jump on a conference call.

    If you have any success or further input on what you found out about this I'd love to hear it.

    My guess is that the call signaling still goes out over the regular voice network and they just reroute the audio payload over the data network. My phone will initiate the call, but it usually drops before the other side ever even rings; at most I get 1 unanswerable ring.

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