Most computers cant access webgui

  • Hello, I upgraded to an Intel dual port nic for my router, and since then I can only access the web interface from one specific computer (at least from what i've found so far).  I checked and there are no restrictions on it, etc etc.  Could this be a lan driver issue or something?  I get the certificate prompt from any machine, but when I click continue, nothing happens.  They can all use it as the gateway and otherwise work fine, just not access the web interface.

  • Hummm.
    These kind of questions (== not much info) generate thousands of possible answers.
    No one is going to list them all …..

    I'll propose just one : a firewall rule set up in pfSense that permits only THAT PC to access the GUI ?

  • I can go through it again but as far as I know only the standard rules are in place in that regard.  Interestingly, it has followed a complete hardware change, as well as changed what ones work and dont.  It used to work on my server, I have since virtualized it onto new hardware and it no longer works.  It used to be the only machine that could access it.  Now my laptop is the only machine that can get to it.  My desktop has had three different network adapters in it, none of which can access the gui.  I used to not have any issues with this at one time, and it seems to have started when I swapped my crappy Realtek nic in the Pfsense over to an Intel card.  But that wouldnt really explain why only one machine can get to it, which doesnt seem to correspond to IP, OS, browser, or hardware.

  • From what I make out of it:
    This isn't a pfSense issue, but a VM-setup thing.

  • Let me clarify: I virtualized the server that used to be able to access the PFsense box.  The PFsense itself has always been on its own hardware.

  • OK I spoke to a coworker and the issue seems to be with the self generated certificate.  How would i disable SSL from the shell?  I cant get into the GUI at all and resetting the LAN IP does not allow me in.

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