Signing into WebGUI crashes pFsense in 2.2.4

  • So I have an embedded install on a Soekris Net5501, I recently upgraded the Compact Flash card to a 16GB x333 50MB/s card to fix the WebGUI slowness.
    That has been corrected but it still hasn't resolved another issue I have since updating to 2.2.4. Randomly after entering my credentials to login, it just sits there and after about 1min of the browswer just spinning pfSense crashes. All routing stops and you can no longer ping the device. I have to do a hard reset.

    Anyone else seeing this? I was really hoping swapping the flash card would've corrected it.  :-\

  • Can you collect console output of the crash?
    That will give some idea of what area of FreeBSD is bugchecking.

  • Sure, I will try and get that this evening.

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