Snmp query returns as the interface

  • We are attempting to figure out why when we run the Zenos SNMP interface modeler against a pfsense firewall running 2.2.4, it errors out.  We have one fw running 2.2.4 that works, and 5 others that don't.  The difference seems to be what is returned for the interface when we walk it like so:

    snmpwalk -v2c -c <key><host>IP-MIB::ipAdEntNetMask

    the interface IP that is returned is on both the one that works and the one that doesn't, but the mask is on the broken one and the on the one that works.

    All of these pfsense boxe are virtual.  THe "working" one has open-tools 1280544.11 - one of the non working ones has 1280544.12, and the others don't have the tools installed at all yet.

    I am concerned that this is a known bug or regression in bsnmpd, per this entry I found in redmine:

    It appears this was entered in January of this year by someone but hasn't been taken up.  I've seen a few other posts in the forums that might be related, but no one else that I've found has posted about the mask.

    Can anyone ehlp with this? I'm willing to do more torubleshooting, but I'm kind of stuck where to go.  a ifconfig does not show this interface at the FreeBSD level - there is nothing in config.xml referencing an interface with an ip fo  I'm out of ideas at the moment.</host></key>

  • I had to open a case on this with pfsense - they were able to replicate the problem not only in pfsense, but FreedBSD 10.2, which indicates that this is a bug in bsnmpd that needs to go to the attention of the FreeBSD project.  I've submitted a problem report to FreeBSD here - hopefully I formatted ti well enough that it won't rate an immediate close :)

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