PfBlockerNG intermittent high CPU load

  • I've noticed that sine I installed pfBlockerNG I get regular intermittent high CPU load, see attached graph. I disabled pfBlockerNG (Monday night) and this didn't change anything. Only when I uninstalled it (Tuesday morning) and rebooted the CPU load when back to normal. The process using all the CPU is the php process.

    I have had the update process set at 24 hours interval so this shouldn't be from that.

    Anyone any ideas why this is happening or is this just normal?

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    Install the cron package and see what's running there.

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    pfBNG should only have load when it's cron process is executed, the Alerts Tab is viewed, or from the MaxMind GeoIP monthly update.

    Try running the "top" command and the "ps -aux or -wax" command to see some further details.

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