Esxi 60 Day Trial?? Then what?

  • I have been using pfSense for almost a year now & over all I am very happy with it. I was wondering if someone could explain to me what happens after the 60-days? I have read if I stay below v8 I will be fine & that I won't be able to use the new features…


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    Just get a free license..  You just can not use some of the enterprise features like vmotion, and vserver is not free - but you can just use the vclient and you up your hardware level to 11, just can not edit some of the high end stuff with the vclient but none of those high features really needed in a home/lab setup.  I have all my hardware at 11 and just manage everything using the vclient off my workstation.

  • I was wondering if someone could explain to me what happens after the 60-days?

    When you run ESXi unlicensed, it runs with all advanced features enabled for the 60-day eval period.  Once the eval period has expired, it reverts to the feature set available for free.  I think I remember reading that some of the features that rollback include hardware support past v8.

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    If it reverts to free, you can run hardware past v8 so not sure where you would of read that?  Free includes current hardware versions, the restrictions between full license and free license is there is no free version of vcenter.  So you have to use vclient or vmware player/workstation to machine.  All of which can edit vms with v11 setup.  You can just not get to some of the fancier features that require vcenter and full license to use.

  • I read some more and it looks like they have really changed their model.  Now you do need to get a free license instead of just doing nothing.  I guess they really want to control the userbase and know who they are.  It's a little confusing.  Different articles say different things.  It appears that ESXi 6.0 Free can read VMs using hardware v8+, but can't create them.  Does that mean any VMs created while under eval can't be edited afterwards when the free license is applied?

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    What??  I have esxi 6 free and it creates v11 vms by default.  You can edit them just fine using vclient.


    For troubleshooting purposes we have added read only support to the vSphere C# Client for compatibility levels 5.1, 5.5 and 6 aka virtual hardware 9, 10 and 11 features. This allows you to edit settings available in compatibility level 5 aka vHW8 and have access to view vHW9+ settings. The use case for this would be to connect directly to a host to add CPU or RAM to your powered off vCenter Server.

    If Free can read/write all hardware levels of these VMs, then wth does the above paragraph even mean??

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    The NEW hardware features that are in 9, 10 and 11..  Like in 10 and 11 you can have up to 4 SATA controllers on the VM.. You can have up to 2GB of video memory assigned to the VM with 11 vs 128 in 8 hw version.

    In hardware version 11 you can have to to 4080GB assigned to a VM, in 8 your limited to only 1011GB to a VM..

    What exactly is in the newer versions that would be a restriction for a home/lab setup??

  • Great information, thank you to the both of you.

    My next question is what version on the web site do I download?

    VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)?

    VMware vCloud SuiteDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware vSphere with Operations ManagementDownload ProductDrivers & ToolsDownload Trial
    VMware vSphereDownload ProductDrivers & ToolsDownload Trial
    VMware vSphere Data Protection AdvancedDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware Virtual SANDownload ProductDrivers & ToolsDownload Trial
    VMware vSphere Storage ApplianceDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)Download ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware vCloud DirectorDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware EVO:RAILDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware Software ManagerDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware Integrated OpenstackDownload ProductDrivers & Tools
    VMware ContinuentDownload ProductDrivers & ToolsDownload Trial

  • You want to download VMware ESXi 6.0 U1 ISO Image and VMware vSphere Client.

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