Old IPv6 route for OpenVPN subnet not erased on update

  • I get a /60 from my ISP. I manually assign a /64 to the IPv6 Tunnel Network field in OpenVPN. This is for a roadwarrior connection. If I update the /64, then the old one remains in the routing table. This is DHCP6-PD on WAN with LAN as track interface.

    Here's a more clear explanation:
    1. My ISP gives me a /60
    2. I manually input one of the /64s into the IPv6 Tunnel Network field.
    3. My ISP (for whatever reason) gives me a new /60
    4. I manually update the IPv6 Tunnel Network with a new /64
    5. The /64 from 2. is still in the routing table.

    I've observed this behavior many times. It's not a big deal as I don't need to reach my old /64 but it certainly seems like a bug.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would mean it's OpenVPN itself leaving it in the table – pfSense doesn't manage the routes for OpenVPN, they are handled directly by OpenVPN. You might post about it on their forum or bug tracker. They may want to see your OpenVPN config before and after the change, and a copy of the routing table before and after the change. The OpenVPN config would be in /var/etc/openvpn/, routing table can be copied from the output of "netstat -rn"

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