NAT-PMP seems to pass but UPnP does not

  • Recently installed pfSense 2.2.4 and have a problem.

    I've enabled the service, enabled UPnP, and enabled NAT-PMP, external WAN, internal LAN.

    So far so good.

    However, I'm seeing only NAT-PMP connections (from a Mac) show up.  The Status/UPnP page shows "PCP MAP" for a few ports.

    I'm not seeing any UPnP connections at all.

    It doesn't seem that UPnP is properly announcing its presence, on the LAN side.

    A Playstation 3, and an Xbox 360, both fail to recognize UPnP.  They think that there's no UPnP server there.

    I also ran ISCI Netalyzr on that Mac, which looks for UPnP servers, just to see if it's something unique about that Mac that lets it work.  The test also failed to find the UPnP server.

    No entries appear on the Status/UPnP page.

    I looked at some other forum articles about this.  Saw some that talked about multicast.  From what I read, this was an old bug that has since been fixed.  Is this true?  Or do I need to add some more multicast rules to allow pfSense to properly pick up the UPnP request packets that are being sent by the game consoles?


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