2.2.4 Captive Portal SSL not work

  • HI
    i use http captive portal is work
    But when I Enable HTTPS login, the authentication screen can not be displayed.

    HTTPS server name DNS setup ok
    SSL Certificate [webConfigurator default]
    Portal page use default page.

    I do not know the problem in that?

    in version 2.1.5,i use HTTPS portal is work. but 2.2.4 cat not…......

  • Using the default 'auto generated' certificate as an admin access, this is ok.
    You will see a big warning that the certificate isn't signed by a major 'certificate ware house', but, what the heck, you as an admin, you don't care.

    Using the same certificate for "guest access" (Captive portal) isn't ok.
    You will present these warnings to your guests , that's not good.

    You saw this https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=63791.0 - it will explain you how to get a REAL 'good' certificate for your Captive portal.
    If you're using https on captive portal, you do NOT want to use a self-signed certificate, but a real one.

    I'm using https login on my Captive portal for years now. Works great, and I use a certificate offered by StartSSL, costs 0 $ and just works (have to make a new one every year)

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