Squid and Squidgard not working in 2.2.4

  • Hello

    Read somewhere that I'm not the only one with Squid and Squidguard not working after updating to 2.2.4.

    Does someone know when those packages will be compatible with 2.2.4 again?
    It's one of the best features of pfSense to block unwanted ads when browsing…

  • yeah it happen to me too,

    i try clean install pfsense 2.2.4 64 bit and then squid and squidguard not working. and for now back to pfsense 2.1

  • Greeting!,

    Well everything started with LDAP Authentication on squid  (pfsense 2.2.4) that could not find the "libldap", according with this foro, i just had to reinstall squid but nothing was  solved.. so.. because i thought it was something that i did wrong.. i just move it out to squid3 but..

    I started having the same problem as well as you, and  I read the pfsense  changelog from 2.2.4, and it had nothing to do with squid.. But certainly with 2.2.2 the squid works just fine, well  almost without authentication LDAP.

    And i say that, because i probe the authentication things on 2.2.4, before that, i really don't know.

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