Captive Portal doesn't show

  • Hello to everyone. I can't get the captive portal to work. I have created 5 VLAN and the captive portal is active on VLAN50. When I connect from my guest wifi no cp page show and I can't navigate. I think that I have setup all correctly but there is something wrong. Can someone help me?

    I'm using the latest version of pfSense.

    Thanks to everyone! And sorry for my bad english!

  • Depends what is wrong, exactly. Are you connecting to the pfsense system via a machine on VLAN50? Have you checked the network address on your client machine to be sure it's connecting to the right VLAN? What happens exactly when you try to connect? Does the redirect start but fail, and when it fails what you do see on the browser? Can you ping the firewall from the client machine?

    More information would go a long, long way.

  • Going back to basics first, with the captive portal disabled, can the VLAN access the internet?

    Without a connection to the internet behind the captive portal, the page will never load. (DNS)

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