Terminal users internet access logs using squid

  • I am configure my pfsense (Squid+Squidguard+Sarg Report) on transparent proxy and active directory intregrated. But I am not able to get terminal users internet access logs. Please guide us to get terminal users logs.

  • I don't understand your question but what I can tell you, at least is that "transparent proxy" doesn't fit with active directory, assuming you mean "active directory as an LDAP server containing accounts and groups"  8)

    transparent proxy = NO authentication, therefore there is no way you can identify users and store something in whatever log.

  • Thanks chris for reply.

    In my environment I have a 2 terminal server & I have configred LDAP Server in pfsense. But my requirement is user wise sarg report.

  • look at this
    but remember to move away from transparent proxy first  ;)  otherwise this will obviously not work  :P

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