Identifying bottleneck

  • Hi all,

    I just set up a vpn client in pfsense and I'm not getting very good performance.

    I'm running pfsense as a VM under Hyper-V (Windows Server 2012R2). The host has an Atom C2758 and the pfsense VM is allocated 8 cores with 100% limit.

    Without VPN I can saturate my WAN link (100mbit/s) with effectively no noticeable CPU load.

    With VPN enabled my throughput drops to about 30mbit/s but it doesn't appear to be a CPU bottleneck. Task manager shows that the host isn't maxing out any core, Hyper-V shows the pfsense guest using ~6% CPU and running top in pfsense doesn't show openvpn hitting 100%.

    (This is while running an iperf test)

    Does anyone have any ideas what the bottleneck might be or where I should start looking?

    I've also tried running an Ubuntu VM and connecting via openvpn can hit 100mbit/s using about 20% of one core so I know the hardware and the virtual machine setup is capable of the throughput.

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