Cosmetic - dashboard / MBUF question / TRIM question

  • Cosmetic issue.
    Cannot add dashboard widgets. Tested with Chrome and IE11. Even removing a default widget then trying to restore it does not work.

    On hardware where previously a change was needed to MBUF, usage now shows 7%.
    Is there mention somewhere of the new default value? (1 mill?) Or it dynamically calculated now. (C2558 quadcore / 8GB ECC)

    Apparently no change has been made to enable TRIM during installation.
    Is this on the wishlist of not going to be implemented. single user mode changes are still needed.

    For the rest system seems stable (for the full 4 hours tested thus far..). Install went smooth, no noticeable changes in that aspect compared to 2.2.X
    New GUI is modern, still which there was an option for a fs option (ie. add columns).

  • Feature: Dashboard widescreen support

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