Locating and reporting GUI issues for 2.3

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    Here are some examples of things to be on the lookout for in the GUI that should be brought to our attention:

    • Fields that should show/hide depending on other choices but may not be doing so consistently or correctly
    • Fields that appear to be taking the value from some other field on save (e.g. option a=1, option b=2, on page load, a=1 and b=1)
    • Fields that appear to not save their values, or selection lists that do not reflect the chosen value when reloading a page
    • Selection lists saving incorrect values (e.g. selection list is using numbers like 0, 1, 2 instead of the proper value)
    • Incorrect or inconsistent default values for fields
    • Input validation errors for valid choices (or vice versa)
    • Missing GUI fields that exist on 2.2.x (that were not intentionally moved or removed)
    • The inability to make a specific configuration type/case work in 2.3 that worked in 2.2.x

    There are more but that gets the idea across.

    Visual appearance (whitespace, placement of controls) in general still needs some cleanup so at the moment we're focusing more on function, but it's nice to know when something is in dire need of formatting help.

    We have found that in some cases it helps a lot to have a screen recording of the problem behavior especially if it is a JavaScript issue on a page with changing fields. Personally, I find that recording these with Byzanz on Linux is great. There are many screen recording tools out there, gif output is preferable since it can be easily embedded in forum posts, tickets, etc. Watch the file size so they aren't too large. I can provide instructions for Byzanz if people are interested.

    Running a gitsync to master is advised before reporting to ensure the problem has not already been corrected.

    Once a bug has been identified and confirmed, we prefer to have it reported our Redmine at https://redmine.pfsense.org/projects/pfsense/issues – check the list to make sure it has not already been reported or fixed first.

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    It would be helpful if bug reports included the page URL in the title. e.g.: "firewall_rules.php - Table layout issues".

    That way we don't need to grep for text strings to find it  ;)


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