Captive Portal Only configuration pfsense + cisco switch + cisco router

  • Hi - been playing with pfsense for a few days now and i could not get it to work.  I only need the captive portal feature of pfsense.  Currently my network is up  and running with no pfsense.

    My setup is..

    ISp to <cisco 1941="">to <cisco switch="" sf300="">then users

    my router is configured as router on a stick with 2 vlans. Switch is plain L2.

    router config 
    int fa0/0
    < to ISP >

    int fa0/1
    < to LAN >
    int fa0/1.10
    encap dot1q 10
    ip address

    int fa0/1.20
    encap dot1q 20
    ip address

    Switch config
    int fa0/48
    < to pfsense >

    fa1 - 20
    switchport mode access
    switch port access vlan 10

    fa21 - 40
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 20

    How would i configure my pfsense so that i can connect it to the switch. I only have 1 NIC on my pfsense box. My pfsense box is in a virtual environment and yes NIC does support tagging :)

    My goal is  for vlan10 to be directed to the captive portal of pfsense.

    i have tried a few things already and none work.

    I configured the switch attached to the pfsense as trunk.
    Configured the LAN on pfsense with vlan 10 and provided it an ip address - not sure if i'm doing it correctly.

    Appreciate a direction.</cisco></cisco>

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You need a small transit network between the 1941 and pfSense WAN.  Then you put your LAN users behind pfSense LAN.  You don't need an interface on LAN on the 1941.

    The captive portal has to be between the edge router and the clients. It can't just be some server sitting on LAN.

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