Email port forwarding question, need to forward 587 outbound as unencrypted

  • How do I forward a port in pfSense (587) so that my parents can get their precious email sent?
    it is unencrypted with an unsecured password. my ISP blocks anything that is attempted to be sent(email wise) through a VPN and I cannot get them to switch to something like Gmail.

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    Your ISP cannot see inside a VPN, if the P actually means something.

    Try again to describe what you want to do.

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    What your isp most likely is doing is blocking access to their smtp server from IPs not owned by them, ie their clients.  So going through a vpn you would be coming from that exit IP not an IP on their isp network.  So yeah - prob block you from sending mail..

    Since your on the pfsense forums I assume your using pfsense to connect to this vpn they use.. Then create a policy route so that talking to their smtp server does not go through the vpn.

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