[SOLVED] Store session data in radius database

  • Good afternoon, someone here in the forum already set up freeradius to authenticate the captive portal of pfSense? I just set up and is usually authenticating in my pfSense, however is not writing the sign in radpostauth table and I need to give it to generate access reports. Does anyone know what has to change in the Radius configuration file?

    If need to record the IP used and start time and end session, does anyone know what has to change in radius.conf or pfSense?

    Sincerely Tácio Andrade.

  • Have you enabled accounting in the Captive Portal page? If not, tick the box entitled "send RADIUS accounting packets" and leave the accounting port field blank if you want to use the default (TCP/1813).

  • Thank you very much muswellhillbilly, after enabling the option in the portal worked perfectly.  ;D
    Really thank you for the help, ALL the information I need are stored in radacct table. =D

    Again thanks for the help, saved many hours of work debugging to find that little detail configuration.

    Sincerely Tácio Andrade.

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