Firewall rule suddenly bocking broadcasts

  • Firewall URL alias on LAN interface after about a week starts blocking broadcast (

    URL Alias containing
    with private address space,, removed.

    LAN Rule
    src: any : any
    dst: Bogons_IPv4 : any
    action: Block & Log

    Had been working fine for months.  Now after about a week of uptime it starts  blocking src: dst:

    Reboot about a week ago fixed it, but now it's happening again.
    Any ideas why the rule would suddenly start blocking broadcasts?
    Any ideas for troubleshooting?


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    Ugh. There's /etc/bogons{,v6} integrated with pfSense updating and the private space removed. You can use that with pfBNG.

    Ideas for troubleshooting: Fix it yourself, noone knowns what you did.

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    my question would be why would you have bogon on a lan interface??  How many hits do get with your clients trying to go to bogon networks - that don't route on the internet anyway.. So how exactly would they get anywhere?  Only if they were on your isp would there be any chance of going to a bogon IP.

    There really is not point to blocking those on lan interface..

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