Mac Address field has only 6 hex octets but i need 12 !

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          i am trying to insert the mac address of a machine i want to make pass through a captive portal, but pfSense has only space for 6 hex octets while my machine has 12 hex octets, what should i do?

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    what should i do?

    Stop smoking the sh*t…

  • You should never mix consumer grade and professional hardware!  8)  SCNR

  • Thanks for your inputs but somehow makes me think that it will not help that much in solving this issue…..anything else you can think of?
    I mean, i was using the same hardware a couple of years back and it was working, i did NOT upgrade to the newest version of pfSense just because i was worried that something was not going to work anymore or maybe some of the packages was no longer being supported, etc.
    It's being a while since i last used it, and i resetted the machine, i think i came across this problem before but i can't remember on how i did fix it, i am worry that if i get it wrong again i might be messing up with something else, but probably has something to do with the initial setup when after inserting the IP manually, it give you a choice of 8, 16 or 32 can't remember the name of it, OR maybe, installing another package might somehow fix it? As i did install Squid before

  • The point of their replies is there is no such thing as a "12 octet" MAC address. It doesn't exist, and can't exist. All MAC addresses are 6 octets.

  • Perhaps you are confusing octets with hexidecimal. A single octet is regularly displayed as two hexidecimal digits, so "FF" (hexidecimal) is a single octet (8 bits).

    So, 6 octets are displayed as 12 hex chars.

  • The problem has apparently been fixed by itself without me changing a single thing…..

    Thank you all.

  • You had to have been typo'ing something, stray character, maybe even just a stray space.

  • No idea, the only thing i can be sure of, is that i didn't touch a single thing after the problem manifested itself, apart from switching off(yesterday) and on again(today) the machine, as i was looking for an answer before to possibly make things even worse by doing something wrong  :D

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