Could not link up file in file manager with customized captive portal page

  • Hi there,

    i am setting up pfSense for our wireless hotspot in the local government unit. everything works including the captive portal feature (with preconfigured captive portal page) so i decided to create a custom captive portal page. it worked fine and users can actually log in to the page. i want to put a logo in the page so i uploaded up an image 4KB in size using the upload manager and i added a tag in my portal page:

     [![City WiFi](captiveportal-city-logo.gif)](some url) 

    but i cannot make the image to be displayed in page. i've checked the file in the file manager and it's there. all i can see in the page is a blue (for the link) placeholder with the alt text. i am out of office now so i cannot paste the entire code but i will as soon as i get to it.

    is there something that i missed?

  • Here's the entire code:

    		<title>City WiFi Zone</title>
    			[![City WiFi Zone](captiveportal-city-wifi-no-bg.gif "City WiFi Zone")](
    <form method="post" action="">
    						 **Please enter your authentication details below:** |										
    						 Username: |						  |										
    						 Password: |						  |										
    					For information, please contact
    Management Information Team of the City Government
    					c/o Management Infornation Systems Division
    City Planning and Development Office

    And here's the pfsense screenshot of the File Manager

  • I had te same problem, The image (uploaded) files are not lacated in the same directory as the CP page, so you must put the path for the image file, look for in this forum for the location of files.

  • I have the exact same problem.

    The uploaded image turn up in /var/db/cpelements and the cp index it self is in /usr/local/captiveportal but still it does not symlink between
    Since i run a discless install i can't symlink them my self, or copy for that matter.
    Can't find which script that does the uploading.

    Is there any workaround for this for i cd-rom booter.

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