How to use the background picture to act as a button

  • Hi,
            does anyone knows how to modify the image used as the background, to just act as the "submit" button, as i would like to have an initial page without anything at all on it, apart from the picture, and as soon as someone click anywhere into the image, get redirected as if it was clicking on a button, here is a copy of the code i am using:

  • Ok, making progress, now i can use a picture to act as a button, but there is still something wrong in the code, as when i click on the pic it redirect me to a blank page "Error 404 - Not Found", while when i click on the button "Enter" at the bottom (which it's going to disappear as soon as i make this image to work on it's behalf), i get redirected on the web….
    Here is the code with still this missing feature:


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    May I asked how's this related to pfSense?

  • Yes off course you can, this is a public forum, so if you have a problem, i am sure that many people would join in to help as this it's apparently one of the very reasons for it's existence, obviously you can try as i do, to spend hours, days, weeks, etc.. to sort it out by yourself, but there is no guarantee that you are going to find a solution for it, so it makes perfect sense to ask here, where people skills and experiences might vary and chances to get someone to help you out with a very little effort on their part are a matter of fact.
    There are also people which already know everything about everything else in this world, which might find themselve in that very lucky position to never need to ask anything at all during their entire life, but those are very lucky people which definetely do not need to use a forum or waste their precious time on it.
    That being said, the relation between pfSense and the question about a code which you can see here, it's very likely to be because pfSense use that code to succesfully operate some of it's features.
    There is anything else i can do for you? I am always happy to be usefull to someone if i can, cheers!  ;D

  • Really depressing, i had this thing up and working years ago, then for a series of events involving my AP going in smoke and all the data in my pc getting totally erased, i am now getting a series of headaches to gather all the very basic informations i need again  :-\

    Anyone with a little piece of code for me out there ???

  • @doktornotor:

    May I asked how's this related to pfSense?

    If he wants to ask about a portal page, that's close enough.

    The first link in that Google search has the answer though.

  • Yes that's how i managed to reach the point where i am right now, i am also browsing this forum and what i did found so far, it's that some other users had the same problem from years now, no solution had apparently been found….the panick it's starting to take over

    I am going to check those links again to see if i can fix it somehow.....

  • I just managed to loose access to pfSense again while trying to fix this image's link stuff, for every step forward there seems to be at least a couple back, i am going to skip looking for a solution to this till i can back to the previous workable status….have a nice week end all.

  • Good news, i am back to stage 1, so i can restart to look on how to carry on…if there is a feature that i like of this software, that's definetely going to be the "Reset to factory defaults"  ;D

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    You know, when you screw up the portal so much that you are no longer able to connect, there are other interfaces to use. Instead of resetting the thing over and over again.

  • That's ok, i'm fine with resetting, at least i can be sure that all the possible mess will be cleared up.
    I am still trying to figure on how to make that picture do the same stuff as the "Enter" button do.

    Now i have 2 pictures, when i click on the first one, i get redirected to a blank page "404 - Not Found", from here when inserting directly a new address to the address bar i get bounced back to the initial portal's page.

    When i click on the second picture, i just get bounched back to the portal's page

    If i use instead, the button at the bottom of the page, then i get the result that i want by being able to browse the web.

    I am keeping copying and pasting things in the hope that i will get there at some point…..unless someone will come up with a much appreciated shortcut

  • Still no luck…

  • @EOC2611P:

    ``` [](/captiveportal-index.aspx?redirurl=

    [ASPX  :o

    You have a file called "captiveportal-index.aspx" on your pfSense box ???
    Impressive …..  ;D](/captiveportal-index.aspx?redirurl=

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  • Sorted, here is the solution for future users looking to do the same….sorry to differ by the rest, but i find no pleasure in putting more misery into other people struggles, much better to write nothing at all than follow their truly horrible attitude....

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