Restoring RRD data oddities

  • This is in a VM, 64bit, 20151009_1400 version.

    I attempted to restore my old config (2.2.4) and it failed. I removed the RRD data and it worked (although something with the settings is causing issues within my vm. I assume that's an issue with my data though, not the system).

    I restored default settings and attempted to import just RRD. It accepts the file and appears to be processing but nothing ever displays on the page and eventually it times out with this error:

    No data received


    That's basically just a Chrome error, but I include it for completeness, as usual.

    I expected there to be at least some sort of error when attempting to load the data.

    I just reinstalled, updated and went through the initial wizard, and then it worked fine.
    I assumed that I could install, then restore within following the wizard. I'm not sure what difference was made by completing the wizard, but this time it restored just the RRD without issue.  It also displayed a nice green banner and mentioned possibly needing to reboot (although i did not need a reboot, at first glance).

    So I'm mentioning this because something getting set by the wizard must be affecting this scenario. I also assumed that I'd be able to install and then restore from a config without running through a wizard. If it matters, I forced a static IP from the console, in order to know that I could access the web gui (also to easily reset webconfigurator to http). Perhaps things would work better if I were to attempt to restore from config via the console. I can try that next, but I prefer the gui method in this case due to the VM and file access not being as direct. web browser seemed much easier and more likely how someone else may perform a restore.

    As a semi-related item: after going through the wizard and having the RRD restore work, I chose to restore the entire config backup and now that works as well. Of course, because of VM subnets, etc, I had to alter some route entries, but other than that, the import seems to work as long as you import after you at least run through the main wizard once. I'm sure you could manually alter the proper settings as well, but it wasn't apparent what was needed in order for that to work.

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