Dashboard Log widget icon question

  • When viewing the log entries in the widget on the dashboard, the "Act" column shows an "X" icon.

    I assumed that meant I could click on it to remove the entry. But it does nothing (even though I get a different cursor when I hover over it).
    When I hover over it, I see info about the rule that triggered the action. Since I thought it was a removal icon, I thought it was odd to see the hover over help text.

    Should the entry remove when clicking, or is the finger cursor incorrect?

  • Developer Netgate

    I'll check into this

  • The X is what it shows for traffic that was blocked (that's the action column for the log entry). Hovering shows the rule #. It used to require clicking the X to get a pop up that showed what rule caused the action, now just shows it on hover. It's correct as is. Log entries cannot be deleted.

  • That makes sense. I was just confused by the cursor change then, perhaps.

    I'd say my suggestion would be to maybe have a note icon for the help text, with the crossed-circle indicating that something was blocked (prohibition sign: ).

    At the very least, an "X" for blocked but without the cursor changing as though it is clickable (since that doesn't appear to be required anymore).

  • Developer Netgate

    The cursor changes because clicking that icon causes a pop-up to appear with more details of the log entry.

    This code was broken, but I just fixed it. I'll push the update in a few minutes.

    Also note that the icon changes depending on whether the log entry came from a block, reject or match. No dobt we will review the choice of icons before beta.

  • Thanks Steve, sounds good.

    And thanks for all the fast updates.

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