[SOLVED] Cosmetic - Traffic graph widget - extra line

  • I noticed that there is an extra
    tag in between the WAN and LAN traffic graphs. This causes an extra line at the bottom when just viewing WAN, or an extra line above when just viewing LAN. When viewing both, it isn't noticed.

    Here is the Xpath for what I'm talking about:

    This also seems unneeded:

    Those get replaced when you save the widget options, but I can't see a reason for them. The first one is the cause for odd cosmetics, the second isn't noticed at all.

  • Developer Netgate


    I'll take a look at that shortly.

  • Developer Netgate

    has been removed.

    Thanks again for the report. Every one helps.

  • Looks good Steve.

    I changed the thread subject to reflect the resolution.

    And thanks again for the all the quick work (I'll probably stop, or at least slow down, with all the thanks in my posts, but who knows).

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