Routing between different subnets does not work with failover.

  • Hello,

    We have a pfsense setup with three LAN subnets. Each subnet has an own interface.
    Routing between these subnets ( ; ; works perfect when using the normal default gateway setting on the rules page.
    After we have created a failover gateway group (with two gateways) and add this group to a rule, routing between the LAN subnets does not work anymore.
    Tracing the traffic shows that packages which should go to one of the subnets are routed through the first gateway of the failover (which is my wan interfaces gateway).

    Is there some config I should create before doing this?


  • The gateway group bypasses the routing table and sends the traffic directly to the gateway.
    You need to create rules on the lan interfaces to match the traffic before it hits the gateway group.
    e.g. source local subnets dest local subnets gateway default.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

  • Thanks guys! That seems logical!
    Will test and try (but I am sure this wil work).

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