VPN Client Gateway Redirect

  • Team,

    I have several work related  openvpn client connections on my pfsense and one local vpn server on the same pfsense firewall… I can connect to my vpn server just fine. All of my systems can browse the local network and what not...

    Now I want to have one of my laptops connect to my vpn server and use one of my vpn client as a gateway, that way I can route all traffic through that specific vpn tunnel...
    I can do this on my LAN by making firewall rules that tells specific IP's to route through what ever gateway I assign it, In my case I assign it VPN tunnels.

    Can I do the same for my remote connections?

  • ops!
    Solved my own issue..
    Forgot to add a nat rule.
    All is well and yes I can do that :P

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