OpenVPN OK - Sip client not OK

  • Hello,

    I use pfsense 2.2.4-RELEASE just for OpenVPN in my DMZ.
    I only use one network card (WAN).

    The OpenVPN work fine and the client can connect and use all the network ressource.
    But I have a problem when I try to use a SIP client trought this VPN Tunnel.
    The SIP client can auth and receive call but not make a call.

    There is no firewall rules (the client can ping/ssh the IPBX and with tcpdump, I can see that the SIP traffic is correct)
    The NAT is not active.

    Whith the same computeur, the same SIP client but another OpenVPN (juste Debian + OpenVPN), it's work without any problem…

    Could you help me ?


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