Squid3 in non Transparent mode with wpad autoconfigure

  • Hello everyone,

    My Setup:

    pfsense 2.2.3 with squid3 in non transparent mode with local user authentication + squidguard + wpad auto configure.

    I am want a custom login page instead of login dialog box from squid. Is it possible to do so ? Or should I use captive portal with customised login page ?

    I tried using captive portal with non transparent squid3 but I end up getting locked. Can any one please tell the steps to configure captive portal with squid ( non transparent). BTW my captive portal works fine with squid in transparent mode.

    Actually if I am able to customised my squid dialog box then I don't need a captive portal enabled.


  • I'm afraid you can't customize any login page out-of-the-box because when reaching proxy which requires authentication, proxy sends back to browser "HTTP 407" code which triggers prompt for authentication.
    Can this be tweaked browser side? I frankly don't know.

    It doesn't mean there is nothing you can do however.
    You will quite easily find different examples in various languages showing how to handle it.
    e.g. this one in Java

    EDIT: forgot to say that Captive portal is also, and obviously, as you stated, another option.

  • Hi chris,

    I was trying out captive portal option but when I enable captive portal it just blocks me. I can't access internet nor can I access the firewall ( I get locked) Can anyone tell the exact steps to enable captive portal with squid3 running in non transparent mode.

    Its a fresh install. pfsense 2.2.3.


  • You need to provide more details:

    • what "block" means here? error message? warning? Squidguard message?
    • you should also provide at least some information about what you have configured so far. e.g. allowed subnets or any stuff that could be related to error message 'or whatever) that is blocking you.

  • Hi chris,

    Sorry for late reply. By Block I meant I cann't browse. It says Connecting…. on title bar of browser and just wait... nothing on screen. I cann't even access pfsense box. I just get locked. I wish  someone can provide me step by step way to configure squid with captive portal authentication.


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