OpenVPN Remote Access - TCP connection issues

  • After a day of trying to work this out, I need to ask the experts :)

    So I have a dedicated server running ESXi and pfSense is running as a virtual. The dedicated server only has one Nic, I have 5 public IP's and one is assigned to the pfSense VM.

    I have the OpenVPN server setup and working, I can connect from my laptop and can ping servers in the LAN network within the remote dedicated server and all interfaces within the PfSense server. What I am having trouble with is TCP connections, I can't connect to the pfSense webConfig (I can sometimes after 1-2min of loading), external webpages are super slow if they load at all. But ICMP packets work without any issues. Just to add I have the redirected gateway activated.

    I have changed the outgoing NAT to manual, added slopy states to the VPN firewall rule.

    I also get blocked firewall rules on the ovpns2 interface - these are TCP-A packets

    Can you please advise what information I should post regarding this?

  • I just changed to TCP and everything works 100%. what could cause issues with UDP?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What  vnics are you using vmx3?  What version of pfsense, what version of esxi?  did you install the native vmware tools?  vmx3 with native tools has all kinds of issues if you do not disable checksums.  It is all over the boards!!

  • Nics are E1000, pfSense 2.2.4, ESXi 5.0 Update 5. Yes I installed the vmware tools package.

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    The openvpn vmware package or the native tools?  But if your using e1000 vnics then I am not aware of any issues either way.

    esxi 5.0?  Well that doesn't even support pfsense 2.2 that is based off freebsd 10.1  – which was added in 5.5u2

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