Unable to set custom update url

  • hi.
    I installed 2.3 alpha built on Sat Oct 03 19:08:08 CDT 2015. I'm trying to update to the latest build, but whenever I enter an url into System> Firmware> Updater Settings and press Save, the url is restored back to the standard one.

    Has this feature been disabled in ALPHA or is this an issue? thanks

  • update from console for now

    (option 13)

  • Developer Netgate

    From the code it looks like the functionality has been changed to display the url that is used based on your selection of "Default Auto Update URLs".

    That does not seem right so I will check with the core team and correct it if needed.

  • Developer Netgate

    I have changed the functionality so that the "Base URL" field displays the URL associated with the choice made in the "Default Auto Update URLs" selector, but the field is now read-only.

    If the "Unofficial" checkbox is checked, however, it becomes an editable field and displays/saves the alternate URL (if programmed). I also changed the code to jQuery for consistency.

    I hope that makes more sense.

    Would you take it for a spin please?

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