Wireless Internal LAN Setup

  • Hi there.

    I'm very new to PFSense but have played around with IPCop and battled with connecting to an internal network using wireless.

    Here is my desired setup:

    INTERNET–>Router (new) --> PFSense --> Router (Old) --> internal clients

    I have managed to install PfSense and after following many guides and so far so good. :) When it comes to setting up the wireless card to connect to my old router (I have to do this as the wireless NIC doesn't support accesspoint mode - when I choose access point, I cannot choose a channel so I have to choose infrastructure mode), I have no idea how to connect pfsense to my old router's wireless network.

    If someone could give me a tutorial on how to configure pfsense from start to finish, that would absolutely magic :)

    Mu Current Setup:

    2 Routers,
    PfSense Box:

    1x Ethernet (Wan connection)
                1x Wireless Card (DLink DWA 525)

    I read about something called a WAN-LAN connection type but this article mentioned a router-router connection but this doesn't really help me as it doesn't use pfsense.

    Thank you very much pfsense community :)

  • You wan connection that enters the router (new), is it PPOE? I mean, you have an username and password configured on the router to get your internet connection up?
    If not, there is no point in having a router between the wan cable and Pfsense box. You can plug your cable straight into your pfsense box and setup wan interface as you have your router.

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