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  • i have my lan and wan ip's as and and the gateways for lan and wan is and and wen feeding it in pfsense it says the given ip series is not in subnet…what does it mean??Help me out if possible?

  • Your LAN and WAN addresses have to be defined as different subnets, so - if I read your post correctly - putting your LAN IP as 10.10.2.x and your WAN IP as 10.10.2.x as well is going to give you problems at the start.

    Secondly, your WAN gateway address has to be within the same network range as your WAN interface. Taking the example you've given, and assuming that you've masked your network as a Class C (, if your WAN address is and your gateway is, then your WAN address won't be able to see the gateway, since your WAN NIC will only be able to see addresses within the 10.1.2.x range.

    I've had to make some broad assumptions here, given the lack of specific details you've provided. In short, check your subnetting and make sure your LAN and WAN address ranges are completely different.

  • give me suggestions over the lan and wan ip's and the coressponding gateways

  • Given I have no idea what your external subnetting is supposed to be or what your current config is like, I can only give a very general example. So, a very general example coming up…

    External (WAN) address: Netmask (/24)
    Internal (LAN) address: Netmask (/24)
    External (WAN) gateway address: (visible to the address on a /24 subnet)

    Your internal address is the gateway for your LAN clients, so you don't have to define this on the firewall. Only in the DHCP parameters, assuming your firewall is dishing out addresses and gateway/DNS info to your LAN - though, again, I have no idea what your present config is like or what you want to do specifically.

  • Can i use different gateways for lan and wan of different subnet or should i specify gateway only for wan?Help me out.

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    Confused to what part do you not understand that you do NOT set a gateway on your pfsense lan.. If you did its no longer a lan but a WAN..

    Pfsense lan IP would be the gateway for your lan clients to get off that LAN..

    I think you don't quite grasp what a gateway actually is??

    What are you trying to do exactly.  Typical setup as muswell explained attached.

  • @allwin:

    Can i use different gateways for lan and wan of different subnet or should i specify gateway only for wan?Help me out.

    You only need to define a gateway on the firewall for the WAN connection. As I said already.
    Your client PC use the LAN firewall address as THEIR gateway out to the internet, as shown quite clearly on Johnpoz's diagram.
    I would suggest you do some research into some basic networking concepts. It would also - as JP says - help hugely if you explained what you were aiming for, rather than ask for help doing something which might not be suitable to your needs.

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