• I have configured pfsense with squid and squidguard as per the directions provided in this topic and working fine, but google safesearch is not working in WPAD mode, please provide me directions to implement safeseach in WPAD config.

    It does wok in transparent mode.

  • I suspect it has nothing to do with WPAD.

    I've to admit that I don"t understand why some admins think that on one hand you have transparent proxy and, on the other hand WPAD. This is misleading.
    Transparent proxy compares to explicit proxy. Period  8)
    Then configuring explicit proxy may involve, or not, WPAD  ;)

  • Sorry, I was not able to give you clear picture

    I have setup with WPAD in which safesearch is not working.

    I have another rig with transparent proxy at other location on which safesearch is working.

  • How are you trying to enforce safesearch? Via url re-write or dnsmasq?

  • @maverik1:

    How are you trying to enforce safesearch? Via url re-write or dnsmasq?

    This is most likely the right and ultimate question  8)

    There is something sometimes not well understood:

    • one of the differences between transparent and explicit proxy is that transparent proxy doesn't resolve any name. Packets are intercepted at default gateway level once target is found, meaning after DNS resolution. Therefore workstation DNS settings are used here.
    • On the other hand, when using explicit proxy, browser sends URL to proxy and name resolution is handled at proxy level. Depending on your configuration, this may show different result  ;)