Problem ! ! ! CaptivePortal + Shedules = Transparent mode ? ? ?

  • ???
    First I want to sorry for my language…

    My network work under control off pf 1.2. Clients are authorized by CP with local user manager.

    All was right to yesterday... I decide to use Shedules to firewall rules. When I create shedules with their time interwals, and assign this shedules to my firewall rules the CP start work in transparent mode.
    Nobody needs to be authenticatet, and everybody have full internet access.

    Pls help.


  • Please try to use the search:
    Keywords: "schedule CP"


    Schedules and Captive Portal is not compatible to be used together. This is a known limitation.


    Yes, this applies to any version of pfSense and I doubt that this will work in 1.3 either as nobody intends to make this work currently.

  • I find that on 1.3 (2.0) when you wipe all you schedule entries and reboot it frees CP and all is happy.  This is not the case w/ 1.2

    Is there any plan to fix this know issue?  As both features are awesome (CP and schedules) and it is hard to pit one against the other as for their usefulness.

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