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    I have openvpn setup and running on pfsense 2.2.4. I have it using PIA for the VPN service. The issue I have is I would only like my bit torrent (deluge) to run thru the VPN, all my other traffic should be thru my regular internet. I can choose my ports on Deluge but I am at a loss on how or what firewall rules I can use to pass all this thru the router.

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  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    All you have to do is be able to identify the traffic.  Post your port config page.

    If you have an inbound port forward from PIA to you you don't need to do anything because the traffic is obviously coming in PIA.

    For outgoing ports, you will have to uncheck Use Random Ports then set a port or port range for outgoing connections.

    Then add those ports to the firewall rule that policy routes traffic to the VPN.

    If you set outgoing ports from 63001 to 63010 you would set your firewall rule like this:

    TCP/IP Version: IPv4
    Protocol: TCP/UDP (unless you know it's one or the other)
    Source: Local Host IP
    This is one of the few times it's appropriate to do this, but click advanced
    Source port range: from: 63001 to: 63010
    Destination: any
    Destination port range: from: any to: any Advanced Features
    Advanced options: mark the packet NO_WAN_EGRESS

    A better way to do it might be to add an IP alias to your torrent host and make Deluge use only that. No idea how to do that on your system, but Deluge appears to be able to select an interface for outgoing connections. It looks like mine (MAc) just prompts for an interface name. Might take some digging.

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