Openvpn tap ping issues

  • Hi all,

    Going further on my previous post I succeeded to set up an OpenVPN TAP between 2 pfsense with certs. OXO
    | pfsense Server Side
    OpenVPN TAP via (extra pfsenses need to be added afterwards)
    | pfsense client side
    Clients getting DHCP from server side (some work, some don't???)

    So the problem is that some clients get their DHCP from the main site and some don't!
    One might argue it's better top set up local DHCP, but I'm testing out stuff.
    Also I wan't all traffic to be able to pass before I go restricting, because I couldn't get it to work properly.

    On both sides of the pfsense I have the same bridges (interface types) between a VLAN and the OPENVPN.
    Als there are rules like this
    ON the WAN          UDP | * | * | * | OpenVPN | none | empty
    On the Bridged        IPv4* |* | | * | * | * | none | empty
    On the OpenVpn      IPv4
    |* | *| * | * | * | none | empty

    From either PFSENSE I can ping a client, but not the internal interface IP of the other PFSENSE.
    DHCP to some clients work ok, other's not.

    I'm running the latest version of pfsense on both boxes.
    Any idea's what I'm missing out on?
    Also I should be able to pass IGMP over these links. ( connection OXO <-> antenna's)

    Kind regards

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