Another Source Dedicated Server SRCDS pfSense Guide

  • I had a really hard time getting it set up, even with all the guides and forum posts across the web. Sorry. Here's a visual guide, hope it helps!

    Step 1) Assign your computer a static IP.

    Step 2) Firewall: NAT: Outbound. Set it to manual or hybrid.

    Step 3) Add a new mapping. It should look like this the picture below. Make sure to checkmark static port! Once you've added it you might need to move it to the top of the list as shown above.

    Step 4) Firewall: NAT: Port Forward. You'll have to forward your ports. I've tried without it, because some have said setting up outbound should be enough, however, when you start the server it says it can't map the port to 27015 and uses 27016/27006.

    Step 5) Adding the port forward will look like the image below. You only need 27015 but might as well add 27005 for your client port (when you actually play the game).

    Step 6) Firewall: Rules. It will automatically create firewall rules if you have the last option from the image above (create new associated filter rule).

    Step 7) Finally, you'll need Enable Automatic Outbound NAT for Reflections. This seems to be a must.


  • I just wanted to post back to give some props. I've struggling with my new SRCDS install all day. I'd already created the rules, read a bunch of guides that made no difference and then i come across this excellently written, well laid out guide.

    It seems my issue was with the outbound reflection option which nobody else thought to mention could be a problem and if you are still learning pfSense like me this kinda thing becomes a really headache fast.

    But anyway, again my props to the OP for some great work.

    This needs to be stickied!

  • Novice question:  If I'm setting up a MineCraft server (on a separate FreeNAS box) located on my local LAN and I want others (i.e. my kid's friends) to be able to access the server from WAN, then this is the setup to use, correct?


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