• hi guys, could you help me what is the best set up of WISP?i have 9dbi net gear omni,4watt amplifier and AP.i want to WISP in our town can i use PF sense?how?thanks

  • Nice.
    A 9dBi omni directional antenna.
    You've discovered a perpetuum mobile.

    I'm not sure if you should become a WISP.
    Try to first get a grasp of what exactly you want.
    Then describe it in text, make diagrams, document what you're trying to achieve.

    If you can present us with more clear facts we can help you.

    Your approach right now is as if i'm a surgeon and you're comming to me and say: "i'm sick, help me"

  • thanks.anyway i want to cover the whole city which is not so big lets just say from base station i want to cover a radius of 10kms,i have a 4watt amplifier and also an ap but my ap is not for outdoor but i can make a case to make it outdoor ap.plss advice

  • I would also clear with the FCC Regulation about the power you're going to put out there… There unregulated WiFi frequency doesn't allow you to use that kind of power. You'll have to look into proprietary frequencies and proprietary hardware to achieve your goal. You can have a loot at Motorola Canopy WISP solution. With your amplificator and omni antenna you're about to "kill" every and single access point using the same channel in your town, you're about to have an effective power of 45 dBm in every possible direction, that's just insane… Each 3 dBm double the power man!

    Canopy technology use proprietary frequencies, so you don't disturb other WiFi network around, it uses directionnal antenna, so less power is required, but more antenna is needed. You need to have special hardware in your subscriber's home.

  • anyway there are many  WISP here in our place which is not registered first come first own for the channel,im also planning to make a link to other town which is 18kms away i will just used the 24dbi directional parabolic antenna.anyone of you can advice if pfsense can do the routing?

  • hi.

    i am using omnis, directionals, sectors, amplifiers in many areas, using open source ap's, smartbridges, local made, etc.  i am using ch 14, 2.4 which is rarely used here so i dont disturb lots of peoples, pfsense is an excellent choice as hotspot, routing, firewall. etc…


  • hi hadi57 please check your inbox i have pm for you.

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