Multiple VPN Network on single Pfsense! How to access all network ?

  • hello, i need some help with a network. i configure a pfsense as a vpn server and multiple pfsense as open vpn clients and a single open vpn server to access it from a remote pc in order to have access on every edge of the network. currently from that pc i have only access on the pfsense that every network is connected on it but i cant access the other networks. i tryed multiple static routes with no luck! i have a network diagram to help you understand what im trying to accomplish. i want to be able to access all the other network from the pc on tunnel network.


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    well what is the routes you get on your laptop?  Do you set default route out the tunnel from the laptop?

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    Can you easily renumber the end LANs?  What you have will work but there's a better way.

  • The issue is that i cant from vpn network to any network except the one that the vpn is connected on! So i cant connect from laptop on to! i added the  push "route"; on server but the packet is going out to the main router and then stops! is there any way to add static route on pfsense to point the next hope via openvpn ?

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    No.  You add routes and iroutes to OpenVPN and it adds them to the routing table as necessary.

    I'm asking if you can renumber because it would be easier to do (and reduce your chance of a collision with another network) if you were to number your LANs something like:

    Then, to every site, you would push a route to

    Then, in your client-specific overrides on the main site, you would iroute the appropriate LAN network to the appropriate client.

    And on all your OpenVPN rule tabs, if you want everyone to be able to access everything, you would pass all traffic from

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