Lightsquid 2.42 Proxy Status

  • Hello, after update Ligthsquid package to 2.42 Proxy Status (SQStat) do not show Current and Average Speed.

  • Hello there,

    I have the same problem after updating my pf boxes to 2.2.4, along with Squid3, SG and Lightsquid to latest.

    Will report back if I find a solution for it.

  • Banned

    Fixed in 2.43 - even though as for "fixed" I can tell you that the speed calculations were doing shit on the former shitty code, were doing exact same shit with the reportedly broken code after cleaning it up and making it readable, and do exact same shit with the supposedly fixed code. Maybe it occasionally produces some numbers for someone, doesn't happen for me and have no plans to touch this POS class further.

    Executive resume - the sqstat code in general is dead messy shit.

  • Thanks, DoK!

    Speed calcs on v2.43 works now! :)

  • Banned

    Amazing. Are you testing this with some huge downloads, or what? All what I could manage was getting some numbers flash there for a couple of seconds one or two times, that's all.

  • Hi Dok,

    Yes, some downloads from and others, but mostly browsing traffic as far as I can tell…

    Seems to work fine on my end since your fix...

    Below here are some screenies from our prod servers. :)