Load Balancing with internal IP'S

  • Hi
          I am trying to configure a load balancer for web servers which are behind PFSense firewall.

    Server 1 -
    Server 2 -

    Load Balancer IP -

    I configured a separate pool for the servers 1 and 2.Also created a virtual server IP in load balancer tab in pfsense. When i try from the browser i am not getting any response.

    We have configured server 1 and server 2 with an external load balancer IP already.The same is working fine when we try from Internet.

    I don't know whether i am missing any critical configuration while trying to achieve the load balancing with internal IP.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Just to be sure I understand your point…

    Are explaining that your intend to load balance access to 2 servers connected to (I suppose) network, relying on load balancer connected to same network and, if I guess correctly, from clients directly connected to this same network?

    Assuming I'm correct, what do you mean when stating:

    I am trying to configure a load balancer for web servers which are behind PFSense firewall.

    What does "behind" mean here?

    Or my understanding is wrong then could you please rephrase what your set-up is.

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  • Hi Chris
                  We have 2 servers. and We need to have a load balancing IP for the mentioned servers.

    TASK 1:

    Server 1 -
    Server 2 -

    Load Balancer IP - 158.xx.xx.xx (Public IP)

    We created a load balancer with Public IP and it's working fine.This is for our external users who are accessing it from internet.

    TASK 2:

    We have open VPN connection created in pfsense.Once users are connected to VPN they will be assigned an IP address from subnet 192.168.101.x/24. Now they require a load balancer (Private IP) to access it internally after connecting to VPN.

    So i tried to create

    Load Balancer IP - for the servers

    Server 1 -
    Server 2 -

    Now after connecting to VPN and when i try access its showing page cannot be displayed.

    Complete Access is available from 192.168.101.x/24 to 10.100.13.xx/24.So guess there wont be any access restriction issue.

    Still we are unable to find the hindrance which prevents us to access the servers with IP

    Let me know if you require further information.

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