Help with firewall pfsense

  • Well I am new to pfsense
    my problem is this I have three cards installed pfsense WAN, LAN and DMZ reading the documentation and googling eh seen as the firewall is configured pfsense my problem is that I can not give you ping from the LAN to the DMZ and vice versa eh tried many ways that eh seen but I do not work for me
    I would appreciate any help

  • Before one can provide any help, you will have to explain with more details what your set-up is.
    What kind of FW rules did you set between LAN and DMZ?

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    Well more than likely the device your pinging firewall is blocking it..  Now on your dmz, which is opt interface did it have any rules.. New interfaces unlike default lan will have no rules..

  • thanks for looking information these are the rules of the LAN and DMZ You should be able to ping the LAN to DMZ and vice versa appreciate your help if you need to show you some other information

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    Yes with those rules you should be able to ping in both directions..  So as mentioned already its most likely your software firewall.. Windows for example out of the box blocks icmp from anything other than its own network…  DMZ and LAN are not the same network = blocked by windows firewall..

    Why don't you just sniff and validate that pings are sent and if they are received..

  • the Windows Firewall is turned off and the pin is sent but for some reason do not get is as if the interfaces are not communicated the strange thing is that in the pfsense Diagnostics: Show States shows me the DMZ as lo0 not as DMZ if here is not will be the problem

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    well that is kind of a problem huh….  how is that going to work?

    Why don't you post the interface status or ifconfig output..

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