Captive Portal [ Administrator PC's ]

  • Hello Good Day Guys,

    I have deployed a captive portal here on our office.
    we have a 5Mbps Plan.

    I have also set the Mac bypass for the admin PC
    and also have set the speed for the admins and Guest.

    the problem is. how come only 2.3 mbps will be received by the admin?
    but when i connect directly to the main router. Direct from the ISP
    it will show i have 4.9 Mbps speed.

    Any guys can help me solve this problem?

  • Hi,

    I also using an OPT1 interface for my Portal. I didn't use any 'limiters' on my Portal, so accessing the net, one authenticated, is as fast as accessing the net using the LAN interface.

    I also tend to say : I'm using the default settings.

    So, the question is : what did YOU change (without telling us) ? How did you set it up ? Undo your changes …

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